Animal Karma has created an alliance with the Jaguars into the Wild Foundation in a unique project in Mexico. Efforts have been made to return two jaguars to their wild state in their habitat, the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve.

Biosphere Reserve of
Calakmul, Campeche.


On October 5, 2016, an inhabitant of the "Centauro del Norte"
ejido, located in Calakmul, found two jaguars with less than
20 days of birth in poor conditions.

He communicated this situation to a group of community vigilantes
called "Garra del Jaguar", whom simultaneously gave notice to the National
Commission of Protected Areas (Conanp).

The cubs, both females, weighing approximately 600 grams, were in a serious
state of dehydration. With the legal possession of the cubs and the help
of a team of veterinarians from the "Yaguar Xoo" organization, they were provided
with the milk formula and the necessary care to ensure their survival.

Subsequently, after 15 days of stabilizing the cubs, on October 27,
the small females, now weighting 1.2 kg, were transferred to Oaxaca, where they were
received by "Animal Karma A.C." and "Jaguars into the Wild", who designed
a rehabilitation protocol for the future reinsertion of the females into their natural habitat.


Returning the two jaguars, found less than 20 days after being born,
to the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve; by implementing a protocol that
consists of rehabilitating them (for the first three months of their life)
to reach an optimum state of health , and later on to develope hunting and
survival skills key to their free life, which would allow the cubs to be
released to their natural habitat at eight months of age.

All this project will be implemented by a multidisciplinary group,
with a highly experienced staff and with exceptional knowledge
of the species.

It will be carried out in facilities specifically prepared
for this project, partly funded by the Animal Karma Foundation.

There will be an international team of technical and scientific
advisers, in addition to the continued support of Conanp.


In addition to the reintegration of these two specimens, the project
will generate a large amount of invaluable information to
improve and standardize rehabilitation processes and
evaluation of the viability of releasing individuals in different
conditions, following a rigorous scientific methodology, being a
milestone in this type of projects.


Si estas interesado en participar con nosotros, contáctanos, juntos descubriremos en que etapa de nuestro plan de trabajo puedes apoyar.