Feline Conservation
in Morelos

Did you know that the six species of felines that inhabit Mexico have been registered in the state of Morelos?

These are the jaguar, the ocelot, the tigrillo, the puma, the lynx and the jaguarundi. Unfortunately, in Mexico the majority of these feline species are classified as in danger and the jaguarundi as threatened.

State of Morelos, Mexico

General Objective

Evaluate and implement suitable and sustainable strategies for the conservation of the feline species registered in the state, mainly focusing on small wild cats, by actively involving local communities and the scientific community.

Specific objectives

Determine the distribution and abundance of felines in the Protected Natural Areas of the State of Morelos.

Generate habitat availability and connectivity models of felines within and between the Protected Natural Areas of the State of Morelos.

Promote education with communities, creating awareness of the importance of felines to achieve a positive coexistence and avoid conflict. 

Generate and implement conservation strategies for these species and their habitats according to the local needs.

Reduce and mitigate existing threats such as extensive / invasive livestock and the presence of feral dogs.

Generate scientific dissemination content for the conservation of small feline species in the state of Morelos.

Implement environmental education workshops in the local communities.

Map of the

Each one of these species plays a predator role and is necessary for the survival of their ecosystems. However, none to very few efforts have been formally made in Morelos to preserve them.

This project was created in alliance with the state´s government department of biodiversity (COESBIO) and the biologists Juan Manuel Uriostegui and Zuri Samuel Vera and it is a unique effort made to take action for these feline species’ conservation.