Animal Karma has created an alliance with the IKIAM
foundation with the aim of preserving the jaguar
in the Amazon rainforest, specifically in the Pastaza
region, where the Achuar community lives. This
is done under the premise that the jaguar is an
umbrella species, this means that if there is a healthy number of jaguars in the jungle, then there is a
balance within the jungle.

Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest
Pastaza Region,
Achuar Community


Animal Karma travelled to
the Ecuadorian Amazon
where we met with the
Achuar community, and
the IKIAM foundation to
carry out this project on the
conservation of the Jaguar in
the Amazon rainforest.


Achieve a study of the presence and absence of the jaguar in the entire Pastaza region with the help of the Achuar communities that live there. In addition, help the communities to have sustainable tourism in which the inhabitants of the communities subsist thanks to their activities, among them: beekeeping, handcrafts and ecotourism.


Education programs for the Amazonian communities on the importance of jaguar conservation. More specifically, to avoid as much as possible the reprisal killing of the jaguar due to the conflict with cattle ranchers.

Collaboration with the IKIAM Foundation to train the leaders of the Achuar community of Wachirpas so all communities can achieve a sustainable tourism.

Donation and shipment of material (trap cameras, laptops, SD memories, batteries, etc. ..) to perform the study of presence and absence of the jaguar in the Pastaza region.

Training community leaders in how to use of the necessary material for the study and a course on the different methods of placement of the trap cameras.

Basic training for the interpretation of information obtained by the cameras.


In May 2018, a multidisciplinary Animal Karma team travelled to the Achuar community of "Wachirpas", where connection was established with the inhabitants of the community and with their leaders, among them, the leader of the IKIAM Foundation, with whom we will work together to develop the project.

During this visit, Animal Karma managed to donate camera traps and a laptop, which we taught the leaders of the community how to use, showing results just 2 days after the placement of the cameras, with sightings of: ocelots, tapirs, peccaries and different types of birds. This was the first, small pilot program that was carried out only in the community of Wachirpas, however we are aiming to scale up the project to the entire Pastaza region.

Additionally a course on the importance of the conservation of the jaguar, was given for adults and for the children of the community, seeking to create awareness and stop them from hunting it.