biocenosis a.c.

We have an alliance with Biocenosis, A.C. for the
conservation of the jaguar and other wild carnivores
in the corridor: Biocultural State Reservation of the Puuc
Zone and the protection area of flora and fauna Balam Ka'ax.

Yucatan Peninsula
Biocultural State Reserve
of the Puuc Zone and the
protection area of flora and fauna
Balam Ka'ax.


Strengthen preventive actions against the problematic of
wild cats - livestock in the Puuc-Balam Area Corridor Ka’ax.


Integrate an intersectoral strategy for the prevention
and attention of the livestock - jaguar conflict in the
Puuc-Balam Ka’ax corridor area.

Estimate the relative abundance of the jaguar,
wild medium carnivores and prey in the
Puuc-Balam Ka’ax corridor area.

Identify and validate the areas of connectivity between
the Puuc Zone and Balam Ka for permanent monitoring and
define biological micro-corridors.

Support economically the mayan translation of the video
"Territory of the Jaguar" because it is the mother tongue of the
region, spoken by about one million people linked with emphasis
on the rural area and therefore with the regions where the
livestock conflict is taking place, a deeper penetration is sought
to motivate the inhabitants of the countryside to opt for the routines
and techniques that make possible the co-existence of wild carnivores
with livestock activity.


Last November 2015, one of the Animal Karma
volunteers was sent to conduct field research in
Merida and to directly deliver four photo trapping
cameras in order to increase the monitoring tools
and continue with the study of the jaguar in the
aforementioned area.

In the photographic annex
you can see some photos of the visit to the Yucatan
peninsula from the volunteer on behalf of Animal Karma.

Photo gallery collected by our trap cameras in the Ría Lagartos reserve, where you can see the presence of the jaguar, cougar, old bush, white-necked peccary, ocelots, armadillos, etc.