ADOPT a dron

To achieve our purpose, the use of drones with advanced high-resolution cameras, NDVI and infrared filters is essential. This technology allows us to analyse complex, large-scale data and make informed decisions.

What is the project about?

Animal Karma has always believed in the use of new disruptive drone technologies for sustainable development in the world. This is what we hope to accomplish by combining drone technology and our passionate, consistent interest in environmental protection.

The project consists of flying the “Skybot FW” drone over specific zones to collect the information required for each area. The drone can cover an area of 500 hectares in a flight that lasts approximately 30 minutes.

During the flight the drone is capable of carrying a Sony Alpha 6000 camera: a NDVI camera, which can capture infrared images to see the normalised vegetation INDEX and create crop maps; and a thermal camera, which can facilitate the visualisation of animal behaviour in the zone.

The real challenge of this project is forming the necessary connections with companies and individuals who wish to finance it. Since the costs of flying a drone are high, the project dynamic will be to seek that each company “adopts a drone”, that is, that each company finances a specific flight for each zone.

We will present you a zone that requires a drone flight and if you decide to finance the flight we will send you updates and the information obtained thanks to your donation.

another way

There is another way to adopt a drone. With this second option we seek that your company BUYS a drone and finances the necessary training to fly it properly. The drone will be sent permanently to zones that require it. In return the drone will be labelled with the logo of your company and as mentioned above you will be sent updates and all the achievements obtained thanks to your donation.


With time the project seeks to evolve into
a device that allows the drone to spread seeds to reforest
areas damaged by the human footprint.